Kubical Technosoft is a premier IT company providing a number of IT solutions to businesses across the globe. The company began with the idea that innovative applications and technical solutions could blaze new trails in mobile marketing. Kubical Technosoft is always keen to develop new products that help users in reducing their operational costs and improving their efficiency.

We, at Kubical Technosoft are involved in different domains in the field of Software Development. We provide a variety of Enterprise Solutions including, but not limited to Software Solutions, Web Solutions, Mobile Application Solutions and Internet marketing. Leveraging the innate offshore value advantage of our development centres in India, we provide customized, scalable and cost effective solutions to businesses. We have a team of experts who can design and build Mobile Applications and Web Applications on different platforms. Our team of experts are always challenging the boundaries to design and build Mobile and Web Applications on a number of different platforms.

Kubical Technosoft 's cost and scalability advantage would significantly help in reducing the development cost across various Mobile Application Developments. Thereby, enabling us to provide high quality, time bound, cost effective services in the Mobile Application Market. Today, this is possible now through instant access to real-time data using Wireless/ Mobile Solutions.

  • Company Vision, Culture and Skills fit well for outsourcing in the target markets
  • Excellent technical skills of employees
  • Deep understanding of corporate identity and philosophy
  • High transparency and maturity of management and development processes
Company Strategy
  • Clear focus on Software Development Services
  • Philosophy of long-term partnership with customers
  • Effective HR processes
Project Life Cycle Activities
  • Well established Requirements Management
  • Good control of Development Process
  • Well established QA approach
  • Mobile Applications for several platforms available in market
  • Rich web applications (SocialMedia Applications, Portals, e-learning Solutions, and Online Marketplaces For more information please email us @ )info@Kubicals.com